You can help

There are a lot of ways to help this project, not just as a programmer, but also by providing feedback, writing documentation, translating, creating statistical plugins, or by donating.

Whatever it is that you can contribute, here are some first pointers to help you getting started. As the very first pointer, however: Never shy away from contacting us!

Important starting points for all contributors

Tracking bugs, tasks and feature suggestions:

Documentation for documentation writers


Developing plugins aka “Statistics Dialogs”


Further resources

Mailing list archives

Has something been discussed, before? Check the mailing list archives:

Outdated pages

Really, you should not be reading those, except when thinking about how to replace these:

External trackers

There are a number of further places where bugs / issues are reported. While these trackers are distribution-specific, many of the issues reported there concern RKWard in general. Therefore it makes sense to a least check these once in a while:

Reviews / comparisons

For some hints on what may need improvements / what other software does better. This list is not comprehensive, please tell us, if you have something to add: