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The purpose of this page is to help us give the wiki a consistent and useful structure. All rules in here are just a basis for Discussion.

See Help:Wiki Editing for basic help on editing this wiki.

Creating new Pages

When creating new pages, you should watch out for two things:

Page Naming

Given the page a good name is probably one of the most important considerations. Keep in mind, that the internal name you give the page also shows up as the headline on that page, and cannot easily be changed later on. Hence, think twice about what would both a) make a good headline and b) be unique enough not to clash with future pages.

For example - after learning by trial and failure - I named the page to hold user tutorials and the like "Getting_Started_Using_RKWard" instead of just "GettingStarted". The latter (which I tried first) is bad for two reasons: a) It mangles the words, making for a hard-to-read-title b) it clashes with the potential future page "Getting_Started_Programming_RKWard".

Linking / Categories

Make your page accessible from related pages. Rather a link too many, than having others never find the great page you created.

Most pages should also be placed either into Category:User Documentation or into Category:Developer Information. (See Special:Categories for all existing categories).

Page structure

I think it makes sense on most pages, to start with a short paragraph "Purpose of this page" (or some other heading), containing a short summary of what is or will be on the page, and where to look for other similar information not contained on the page.

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