Packaging RKWard for Windows

Out of date warning

The information on this page has not been fully tested for KF5, yet, but should mostly work. It’s targeted at developers or power users willing to solve problems themselves, not to end users!

RKWard for Windows is currently distributed in two different variants: as a single installer, and as an installation bundle including R and KDE. This page details the steps needed to create these two packages.

Creating the RKWard for Windows installer



  1. Set up your KDE environment in your craft install.
  2. Check out a clean copy of the RKWard source from git. When creating the installer package, you will probably want to check out a release branch, rather than trunk. Thus, typically you will use something like: -

        :git clone git://
        :git checkout releases/0.7.0
    It does not really matter, where you put the sources. It may be
    a good idea to do so outside the craft tree, though.
  3. CD to the “windows_nsis”-subdirectory of the sources.
  4. There is a batch file “make_release.bat”, here. Edit this (e.g. using kwrite). Adjust the top few lines to reflect the details of you installations. Follow these guidelines:
    • If K:\K\bin\kwrite.exe exists, set -

      - KDEPREFIXDRIVE=K: KDEPREFIX=K i.e. point this at the root of your emerge tree.

    • If C:\R\R-x.y.z\bin\R.exe exists (and you want to compile against that version), set -

      - RHOMEDRIVE=C: RHOME=R/R-x.y.z

    • If C:\NSIS\makensis.exe exists, set -

      - MAKENSIS="C:/NSIS/makensis.exe"

    • You’ll probably take MinGW from your emerge tree, i.e. -

      - MINGW_PATH="K:\K\mingw\bin"

  5. Run -

  6. If all goes well, an .exe-file (eg: install_rkward_0.7.0.exe) of roughly 1.4MB will be created. Test this installer, by simply running it.

This should be it.

Creating the installation bundle

  1. You will probably want to edit the rkward blueprint to refer to the release branch:

kwrite CRAFT\ROOT\etc\blueprints\locations\craft-blueprints-kde\extragear\rkward\rkward\

  1. First compile

craft -i rkward

  1. Packaging is easy:

craft –package rkward