Embeddable plugins shipped with the official RKWard release

A number of embeddable plugins is shipped with RKWard, and can be used in your own plugins. Detailed documentation is currently available only in these plugins source or help files. However, here is a list to give you a quick overview of what is available:

Table A.1. Standard embeddable plugins

IDPluginmapDescriptionExample usage
rkward::plot_optionsembedded.pluginmapProvides a wide range of options for plots. Most plotting plugins utilize this.Plots->Barplot, most other plotting plugins
rkward::color_chooserembedded.pluginmapVery simple plugin for specifying a color. Current implementation provides a list of color names. Future implementations may provide more elaborate color picking.Plots->Histogram
rkward::plot_stepfun_optionsembedded.pluginmapStep function plot optionsPlots->ECDF plot
rkward::histogram_optionsembedded.pluginmapHistogram (plot) optionsPlots->Histogram
rkward::barplot_embedembedded.pluginmapBarplot optionsPlots->Barplot
rkward::one_var_tabulationembedded.pluginmapProvides tabulation on a single variable.Plots->Barplot
rkward::limit_vector_lengthembedded.pluginmapLimit the length of a vector (to the n largest or smallest elements).Plots->Barplot
rkward::level_selectembedded.pluginmapProvides a <valueselector> filled with the levels (or unique values) of a vector.Data->Recode Categorical data
rkward::multi_inputembedded.pluginmapCombines spinbox, input and radio controls to provide input for character, numeric, logical data.Data->Recode Categorical data