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* Yves Jacolin
* Yves Jacolin
** New website
** New website
* Germán Márquez Mejía
* Germán Márquez Mejí­a
** HP filter plugin, spanish translation
** HP filter plugin, spanish translation
* Marco Martin
* Marco Martin

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[edit] Overview

Mission Statement

[edit] People

[edit] Authors

RKWard is an open project, and there are no clear boundaries between authors and contributors. However RKWard would not be near its current state without the work of these people:

  • Thomas Friedrichsmeier
    • Project leader / main developer
  • Pierre Ecochard
    • C++ coder since 0.2.9
  • Stefan Roediger
    • Many plugins, suggestions, marketing, translations
  • Prasenjit Kapat
    • Many plugins, suggestions
  • Meik Michalke
    • Many plugins, suggestions, packaging

[edit] Contributors

Further contributors in alphabetical order:

  • Philippe Grosjean
    • Several helpful comments and discussions
  • Adrien d'Hardemare
    • Plugins and patches
  • Yves Jacolin
    • New website
  • Germán Márquez Mejí­a
    • HP filter plugin, spanish translation
  • Marco Martin
    • A cool icon
  • Daniele Medri
    • RKWard logo, many suggestions, help on wording
  • David Sibai
    • Several valuable comments, hints and patches
  • Ilias Soumpasis
    • Translation, Suggestions, plugins
  • Ralf Tautenhahn
    • Many comments, useful suggestions, and bug reports
  • Jannis Vajen
    • German Translation, bug reports
  • Roland Vollgraf
    • Some patches
  • Roy Qu
    • patches and helpful comments

Many more people on our mailinglists. Sorry, if we forgot to list you. Please contact us to get added.

[edit] License

You are free to use, modify, and distribute RKWard under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence Version 2 or later. A copy of this license should be included in all downloads.

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