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Purpose of this page

To provide information on the various distributions that have already included RKWard or for which simple build instructions / scripts exist. Obviously, packages do not exist for all common distributions, yet, and some packages are outdated. Instructions on building from source are available: General_FAQ#Compiling_and_installing.


RKWard is now included in the official debian distribution. Due to the nature of the debian release cycle, inclusion in the testing and stable archives may take a lot of time, and even debian unstable may not include new releases, immediately.

More up to date packages are available. The following apt-lines (add to /etc/apt/sources.list) may be of interest to you:

deb-src for all systems

# the latest source packages for all debian distributions
deb-src ./

See for instructions on building the source package. This should work on pretty much all debian systems, even if you use another version of R from CRAN.

i386 binary for debian lenny

# backport of the most recent releases to debian stable (currently i386 only)
deb stable/


RKWard is masked testing on x86 and amd64 in the official portage tree. To install, add the keyword to your package.keywords and pull it in using emerge:

# echo "sci-mathematics/rkward" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
# emerge -av rkward


The FreeBSD port is typically updated very quickly for new releases of RKWard, and hence almost always up to date. Information on the port is available here:

Core instructions provided on that site:

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/math/rkward/ && make install clean

To add the package: pkg_add -r rkward


Detlef Steuer has prepared packages for SUSE: . Packages are available for SUSE >= 10.0.

This is at version 0.4.8 at the time of this writing, i.e. up to date.


Version 0.4.7 appears to be available for FC7:


A package is available here:

This is at version 0.4.7a at the time of this writing.


For 12.1: RKWard 0.4.9a (

For 11.0: RKWard 0.4.7a (


There's a slackbuild for version 0.4.9b at Slamd64Builds (KDE3).


A package is available here. At 0.4.7 at the time of this writing, i.e. up to date (and generally updated fairly quickly):


The current released package for Mandriva seems to be at 0.4.6:

Source rpm for 2007.1

Seek the latest packages and binaries with rpmfind.

Somebody with knowledge on Mandriva, please correct / add information, on where binary packages can be found. And esp. whether there is a dynamic link always pointing to the most recent files.

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