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Please read this before contacting us

Whenever you encounter a problem with RKWard, we'll gladly try to help you solve it. But please make sure you provide us with as much helpful information as you can, in particular when reporting bugs. Otherwise we'll most likely not understand your problem at all and have to spend a considerable amount of time asking for basic information.

As long as your RKWard installation doesn't completely crash, we recommend you call the included function rk.sessionInfo() and send us the output. Among the things that you should always include are:

  • the version number of RKWard
  • the version number of R
  • the version number of KDE
  • the operating system
  • the method of installation used (for KDE, R and RKWard; e.g. binary bundle, distributor's packages or compiled from source)
  • what did you do to run into the problem? (if it's running some R code, please consider including example code to reproduce it)
  • how can the problem be reproduced?

Especially after new releases of RKWard and/or R we occasionally get reports of similar problems repeatedly. Please take the time to have a look at the public archives of the rkward-devel and rkward-users mailing lists (see below) and check whether your problem has already been reported (and probably fixed, too).

Please do also consider joining the respective mailing list if you're about to post there, at least for the time it takes to talk your problem through. Otherwise it could happen that someone solves it and you miss it, because the solution was only sent to the list.

That said, here we go:

Main ways to contact us

Mailing Lists

RKWard currently offers two main mailing lists:

  • rkward-users The main list for user discussion about RKWard. This is a good place to ask for help with RKWard. Also this mailing lists is kept posted on the most important developments and new file releases.
  • rkward-devel The main list for discussions concerning the development of RKWard. Posting is not restricted to developers. If your topic goes beyond mere usage questions, this list is for you.

Due to problems with spam, posting is restricted to subscribers on both lists, but non-spam posts by non-subscribers will be allowed manually.

If you are interested in only the most basic information (new releases), consider subscribing to the RSS feed on freshcode: .

One further mailing list receives notifications of new source commits, and buildbot failures. High volume, intended primarily for developers:


If you prefer posting in a Forum, you can do that as well:

Submitting bug reports / feature requests

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