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Official source releases

The latest official source packages. See Building RKWard From Source for help on compiling.

For KDE 4

For KDE 3

Compiled packages and system specific instructions

Ready-made binaries or hands-on instructions are available for many different setups.

Linux / Unix / BSD binaries

Please refer to this page for more info: Binaries and Build Scripts.

Windows Installer

See RKWard on Windows for details.

Current test releases

Please refer to our Release Schedule for links to current test releases. These are source packages which are currently undergoing testing. We'd like to encourage you to give these a try, and report issues, but keep in mind, that these packages have only received limited testing, so far.

Development sources

Additional plugins

RKWard can be enhanced by installing additional plugin packages. They come in format of ordinary R packages and are hosted on our plugin repository It also has an up-to-date list of available plugins. You don't have to download these packages manually, as they can can be installed via RKWard's package management like any other R package.


Historical source releases are available from .

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