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Current News

RKWard 0.5.5 - Enhanced robustness and many small improvements

19 March 2011

On the surface, RKWard 0.5.5, released today (download) may appear to bring only few changes. Internally, however, the GUI and the R engine have been split into two separate processes. This brings better robustness, and better compatibility of RKWard esp. with R packages based on rJava and RGtk2. In addition, many bugs and quirks have been fixed in various areas. And, in case you experience a crash despite of these improvements, RKWard 0.5.5 will attempt to create an emergency save file of your data in the last moment.


You can help

RKWard is developed by a community of volunteers, working on the project in their free time. You can help us in various ways:

User Documentation

This section contains documentation on RKWard from a user perspective / intended for end users.

Developer Information

Information concerning development of RKWard. This includes information for translators, plugin authors, documentation writers, and other contributors.

Getting in Contact

Mailing Lists

RKWard currently offers two main mailing lists:

  • rkward-users The main list for user discussion about RKWard. This is a good place to ask for help with RKWard. Also this mailing lists is kept posted on the most important developments and new file releases.
  • rkward-devel The main list for discussions concerning the development of RKWard. Posting is not restricted to developers. If your topic goes beyond mere usage questions, this list is for you.

Due to problems with spam, posting is restricted to subscribers on both lists, but non-spam posts by non-subscribers will be allowed manually.

If you are interested in only the most basic information (new releases), consider subscribing to the RSS feed on freshcode: .

One further mailing list receives notifications of new source commits, and buildbot failures. High volume, intended primarily for developers:


If you prefer posting in a Forum, you can do that as well:

Submitting bug reports / feature requests

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