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Purpose of this page

Instructions to track the most recent development version in our source repository (git). This is of interest both to people wanting to be on the bleeding edge of RKWard development, and to people wanting to contribute patches.

Note: For instructions on fetching and building sources for the KDE 3 versions of RKWard, please refer to an older revision of this page.


Sometimes all you want is to test a relatively recent development snapshot, easily. For Ubuntu users, a variety of PPAs is available at [1], including an archive of daily builds.


Generic requirements

You need a git client; on Debian based systems:

$ apt-get install git

Further, you need the KDE4/QT4 libraries and headers and R. See the Requirements section on the Building_RKWard_From_Source page.

Checking out the current Git sources

For anoynmous (read-only) access, use

$ git clone git://anongit.kde.org/rkward.git rkward_devel

This will download the development sources to a directory called rkward_devel.


Proceed with compilation / installation as usual (see Building RKWard From Source). Make sure the path provided to cmake is correct (for example, depending on where you create the build directory, '../rkward' may be appropriate instead of '..').

Staying up to date

To update your working copy to the most recent changes, go to that directory, and run

$ git pull --rebase

After this, generally only the

$ make


$ sudo make install

steps are needed (less, if you use some advanced tricks).

Producing patches

If you would like to contribute patches, the easiest way (both for you, and also for the developers) is this:

  1. Follow the instructions given above
  2. run git pull --rebase
  3. Make your changes directly in your clone of the repository
  4. Maybe run git pull --rebase again, to make sure changes other people made don't conflict with your changes
  5. run git diff > patch.diff
  6. submit the diff on http://git.reviewboard.kde.org, or send it to the mailing list with a short message, on what you did, and why.

Source browsing

You can also browse the Git repository online: http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=rkward.git

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