Chapter 14. Share your work with others

Table of Contents

External plugins
Why external plugins?
Structure of a plugin package
File hierarchy
Building the plugin package

External plugins

As of version 0.5.5, RKWard provides a comfortable way to install additional third party plugins which do not belong to the core package itself. We call these external plugins. They come in form of an R package and can be managed directly via the usual package management features of R and/or RKWard.

This section of the documentation describes how external plugins are to be packaged, so that RKWard can use them. The plugin creation itself is of course identical to the previous sections. That is, you should probably first write a working plugin, and then check back here to learn how to distribute it.

Since external plugins are a relatively young feature, details of this might probably change in future releases. You’re welcome to contribute your ideas to improve the process.


These docs explain the details of external plugins so you can learn how they work. In addition to that, also have a look at the rkwarddev package, which was designed to automate a lot of the writing process.