Download and install RKWard on Windows

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Installing the official release

Installation of RKWard on windows should be straight-forward: Simply download and run the latest installer. The installer includes RKWard 0.7.2, R 4.0.2, and all required KF5 frameworks (version 5.64).

Please note that the installer may appear to “hang” around 70% completion. This is just a problem with the progress bar not updating. Please be patient.

For installing older, KDE4-based versions of RKWard, refer to the instructions an an earlier version of this page.

Installing development snapshots

Development snapshot are available from . Note that these are built, automatically, and provided without any human testing. Back up your data, before using these.

Updating R inside the RKWard installation

Since RKWard 0.7.1, updating R is often possible without any updates to RKWard, especially, for patch level releases of R (e.g. 4.0.3 over 4.0.2).

The recommended way to update R is to

  1. Install R as usual, in its default installation location.
  2. Open the file [Your\RKWard\Installation\]\KDE\bin\rkward.ini, and change the path for “R_executable” to either “auto” or the full path to R.exe.
  3. In case of any problems revert the changes to rkward.ini.

Alternatively, you can install your new version of R to [Your\RKWard\Installation\]KDE\libs\R. The potential advantage is that you will not have to reinstall your R packages after updating R (although it is still recommendable to do so).

Known issues and work-arounds

(Please use the bug trackers to report issues. This section is only meant to document some deficiencies, which are encountered relatively frequently.)

If you run into issues not listed above, or you can provide further insight on the above issues, please do not hesitage to contact us!

Compiling RKWard from source on Windows

  1. Set up “craft” as detailed, here: .
  2. run

craft -i rkward

This should be all you need to fetch rkward and all dependencies (including R). Note that this may take several hours to complete.


For more information, refer to the developers’ notes on packaging RKWard for Windows.

Debugging / further info

See in the KDE wiki.